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Welcome to Mediabend. Mediabend believes that the Internet should provide for a better way of doing business. This does not mean change the way you do things necessarily, just make the things you do, easier.

Since 1998 our sister company Huffman Communications had been developing websites where the clients are in control of their own content. Out of necessity, they created tools which allow our clients to add dynamic information to their web sites. Adding company information, press releases, product information, calendar items, photographs, downloadable documents, shopping carts and/or making the entire web site editable from your desktop - that is where we come in - we install and build dynamic information, management tools that make your life easier.
  • MBContent -- manage the content of your entire site through an admin window.
  • MBNews -- manage press-releases or events through an admin window.
  • MBShopper -- manage your shopping cart offering through an admin window.
  • MBProduct -- manage your product offering or product list through an admin window.
  • MBPortfolio -- manage photo's or case studies through an admin window.
  • MBStaffing -- manage job postings through an admin window.
Our tools are plug and play. Add them to your existing site, or build a new site featuring some aspect of one of these tools. Sometimes that means working with our branding partners Huffman Communications (www.hcnapa.com), and sometimes it means we install a little functionality to your existing website, either solution works for us.

Look for this symbol for "C-Free" (carbon free) hosted web sites.

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